Friday, October 17, 2014

Oh the domesticity.

While I'm waiting for this babe to get here. My domestic-ness has reached an all-time high. 

And I'm really not meaning to brag by making this list. Not one bit. Actually I find it a bit pathetic, pathetically impressive. Ha! Just know how hard it is waiting for a baby to come out and you'll understand.

I've made:
-A foxy pillow for my girl's crib
-Sewed my husbands shorts that have holes that have been in a pile waiting for a year.
-pumpkin pancakes
-pumpkin spice coffee syrup
-gluten free pumpkin muffins
-almost gluten free oat and butterscotch cookies
-crockpot Italian goulash
-taco time taco meat
-brown sugar buttercream for those pumpkin muffins
-homemade liquid hand soap
-the most delicious scratch brownies

And I'm sure there's more.
It is seriously hard and discouraging waiting for this baby. There have been days I've cried. I definitely cried a couple ob appointments ago when I hadn't had any progress as far as dilation goes. But I am so grateful for this experience, to have our very own child, and I'm done with my pity party. She'll come when she comes! I just have to realize she is our daughter after all and duh, of course she's taking her sweet time!

Happy Friday!

I'll be in domestic land making some pumpkin scones...


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What nobody tells you

I've been so even-keeled and happy for the most part of this pregnancy. Except for the little bit of loneliness feelings I was having in the beginning-- before I felt like I could share the good news with the world-- this has been a great experience and I've been lucky with a pretty easy pregnancy.

What nobody told me is how my hormones would change in the end of the third trimester. To the point where I'm almost surprised at myself and my apparent talent at crying at the drop of a dime. I knew my hormones were changing, it was a shift I could feel almost automatically. I really dislike feeling like my emotions get the best of me, but it's really REALLY hard to get a hold on some days. I'm just weepy and things upset me much easier than they normally would. And I can recognize it, but in the same token, I can barely get a hold over it. So I just let it go, I cry if I have to. I just feel that's better than holding it in and putting my body and baby under more stress.

I cried at the doctor today. She was very understanding and sweet but it was embarrassing for me. I'm a happy-go-lucky sort and I don't like to seem like I can't control my emotions. But these pregnancy hormones are a whole other ball game. I'm fine with expressing myself and crying and all of it, I don't suppress myself normally, but this is just overwhelming.

Ive been so excited to meet my girl this whole time, but now that it's so close to being here I'm anxious. Im scared. I'm tired. I'm sore. I feel like a beached whale. I'm going through so many transitions all at once and not quite sure how to handle it all. I'm sure a lot if first time moms deal with this and even second and third time moms as they try to balance it all. 

So I'm trying TRYING so hard to keep it in perspective. Think of all I'm grateful for and that this is a natural process. It's just so different when it's real and finally happening to you.

I just want my baby in my arms, I want to establish my new normal... Haha, I know that will take a while. So I'm trying to be realistic and not have too many expectations. And until this little miracle shows her beautiful face, I will be knee deep in cleaning and diy projects, trying my best to stay distracted for my sanity.

It is a full moon tonight... Maybe tonight's the night!? (We can only hope)

how are y'all lately?


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Still here. Still pregnant.

Well hello!

I've really been sucking at this whole blogging thing since I got pregnant....

And I still am (pregnant) if there was any question!

I've got just a couple weeks left (hopefully). Unless she's REALLY late then we are potentially looking at 4ish weeks, but I doubt my doctor would let me go that overdue.

I've had an Incling that she's not going to be too late, and usually these feelings I have are right in the end.

And speaking of the end of pregnancy... The signs are definitely happening. Yesterday I got kankles for the first time and they haven't gone down really since yesterday. I guess that's what 37 weeks and three days looks like for me. Yippee. And yes I'm being sarcastic.

 I am pretty lucky (I guess) that I haven't gotten too swollen until now. I thought I'd share what my swollen feet and ankles look like, but there's just not a cute way to show those, so I'll spare you.

I've been having cramping for a couple weeks in my pelvic area, kinda like period cramps and maybe one real practice contraction plus some low abdomen pain that happened one day when I was getting out of my car. It was weird and much like a charley horse, but in my low abs. Weird. It hasn't happened again.

She's been moving a lot despite how cramped it feels, and her butt is pushing up into my right rib area a lot. She also is head down still and in position, so hopefully it will stay that way until d day!

I've had a lot more anxiety lately about how much our lives are about to change. I've been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Her room is still not complete, though we're close, but I never imagined we'd be so down to the wire. Oh well, such is life. We do have a crib now, so I'm feeling much more at ease that we have that one important piece. I know we probably won't be using it right away, but I just imagine it's going to be harder to get things done once she's actually here, so having it now puts my heart at ease.

I have an ob appointment this Wednesday to have my lady parts checked for the first time and get measured again. I have a feeling that I am dialated a little but I guess we will see for sure come Wednesday! They by the way think I'm a week behind what i truly feel I am, not that it really matters a whole lot now considering we are so close to the end. It still feels months away, like it's truly never going to get here. But I'm so ready to meet my girl. I can only imagine the emotion of meeting her the first time and the celebration in the delivery room. Ready for her to wrap her little fingers around our hearts.

I hope I have news soon!

xoxo- k