Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

We went on our first little family getaway over the Memorial Day weekend. We packed up the truck on a Friday morning and I made sure Emma had about 400 outfit changes that she didn't end up needing. It was sure to be a fun trip to one of our favorite little tourist towns, Leavenworth, WA.

Troy's brother had proposed we go camping with them quite some time ago but Troy couldn't commit, not knowing what his work schedule was going to look like yet. Luckily it all worked out, except for the camping part. I looked into staying in a cabin where my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and their 2 kiddos were staying, though they were bringing their camper. The cabins were seriously twice the cost of staying in a hotel! So I found the Icicle Inn, a Best Western which was actually pretty nice and had lots to do for kids. I really enjoyed our stay there and expected that Emma may not sleep well and I was right, she basically refused any semblance of a daytime nap and then nighttime in her pack n play for sleep wasn't much of a success the first night either. Traveling with a baby is interesting. And it was only about a 3-hour drive away from home. I soon realized a two-hour drive is really Emma's max for now. Plus, the husband didn't want to stop, so we had a grumpy boob-wanter, who no amount of happy baby puffs could satisfy. And a mama whose neck was about to get a huge kink. Next time husband, we're stopping to feed the beauty and all "should be" merry, right?

If you've never heard of Leavenworth, it's a little Bavarian-themed tourist spot with plenty of little shops, boutiques and other German things, such as cured meats and bratwurst. Also there's a lot of beer and wine. The last time Troy and I went, a few years ago, we went for a "wine walk" tour and tasted several wines and some booze, and weren't even able to finish the tour before sauntering back to our hotel buzzed and ready to face-plant our hotel bed. This trip was exactly like that previous trip, except it was nothing like that. You can hopefully sense my sarcasm and bad sense of humor. I did partake in a couple yummy beers and sausage and gelato though, which is a little more baby-friendly. Also, don't give your 7-month-old gelato, it's like baby crack and they will not be happy until all the gelato is theirs. I've ruined my daughter. She's had gelato. I get mother of the year award. I could feel the stares people were giving me as i gave emma some minuscule spoons of gelato, maybe equating to a tablespoon total. Apparently giving gelato to your baby is like trying to force feed them beer. It's frowned upon. Lesson learned.

We had fun, it was nice to see my daughter with her cousins and how much they loved being around her and wanted to hold her. It was nice to get away because it doesn't happen much, even before babies. It was nice to "relax" even though I really didn't get to much, wrangling a cranky nap-striking baby who couldn't be let down to crawl or stand herself up on everything like at home-- since I'm a first timer who doesn't want her daughter to get mrsa from crawling around in the hotel room or outside and putting dirt in her mouth. I'm sure my next kid will get to do that fun stuff.

Overall, it was a really fun trip but we were so ready to come home, I hit the hay so hard Sunday night that I slept almost 10 hours! Mama was tired, baby was tired. Husband was full of cured meat.

xo- k

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I've been thinking about this space lately.

Am I over it? Is blogging "over"? Does this space fit who I am now as a mother? I am asking those questions and I kind of think I wouldn't be asking them if they all weren't a little true for me. I've been questioning if I should re-name this space. I once loved blogging so much. I once felt so connected to this little HUGE community. It's something non-bloggers just don't "get"… how this blogging community is this whole other world, so to speak.

So I'm here because I am testing things out, seeing if I feel like I can get some sort of groove back. I'm not sure if that means re-naming and making it feel more "me" or if I'll feel more "me" when or if I get things going here again. Anyway...

So here's 8 things I can tell you about my life as a mama as of late…

1. Being a mom is hard.

2. Babies are fun and extremely tiring and testing of your patience at times.

3. Babies are awesome.

4. I love my sweet emma more than I could ever put to words.

5. You might have postpartum depression and finally admit it to yourself that it's worthy enough of getting a little "help".

6. No one tells you how hard/amazing/painful/joyous/happy/angry breastfeeding may make you.

7. Being a mom makes any sense of self-consciousness go out the window most the time… hello breastfeeding in the target parking lot!

8. You may forget to eat/pee/take your meds/call anyone/put deodorant on/look at yourself in a mirror on a daily basis.

But this face is worth everything to me! I can't believe we have a 7-month-old!

xo- k

Friday, January 23, 2015

What's New?

Happy Friday, friends!

Lately, I'm trying to get back into everything that I love. It's so hard with a baby! But this week I actually taught myself to crochet, something I've been meaning to do forever! Am I good at it? Ehhh… maybe ask me again in a month.

I have also started being more active with my Etsy Shop. I am so excited to bring you more things I love to my little shop. I recently finished a growth chart for Miss Emma and am also selling them made to order at Poppie Darling.

Speaking of Miss Emma… she'll be 3 months old on Sunday! Gahhh! Where does the time go?! She is becoming more and more aware all the time and adding more sounds to her "vocabulary." Right now she's got holding her knees down pretty good! She is working towards getting ahold of those feet and  toesies!! It is so cute. She is also working on her laugh… she will go "ah-ha" but hasn't really giggled yet. She can sit in her Bumbo chair which she's finally chunked up a little so she can actually fit in it. She can hold things and bring them to her mouth which is one of my favorites! She already has a favorite little stuffed toy… her froggy. She just loves to cuddle it and gum it and can hold it pretty well. She also loves her froggy touching her face while she sleeps in her rocking glider. So cute! Guys, obviously I am so in love with my little babe! She still loves to stand while obviously being assisted by mama or dada.  

Sorry about the blurry-ish picture, I took it while she was in her rocker.

And have we not established yet how PROUD I am of our SEAHAWKS! I cannot believe we're going to the Superbowl again! Except, I can believe it! I just had a feeling that they would pull through in the end. It was a crazy intense game if you missed it, or if you're not a big football fan. There is just something special about being a "12", it's hard to explain, and I can't obviously compare it to being a fan for any other team out there, so maybe you feel the same for your team too. WE just LOVE our team here in the Northwest. It's a family. It's the camaraderie with strangers in the stadium, people you don't even know, but you're all family in this special way and hug each other and high five, you're bonded by this team. We love each other and we love our team. So many years our team was lagging and didn't win many games, but we were still fans, still there because we knew. So, to see them go so far is almost like giving birth. lol. It's amazing.

Have a great weekend!

xoxo- K