Friday, January 23, 2015

What's New?

Happy Friday, friends!

Lately, I'm trying to get back into everything that I love. It's so hard with a baby! But this week I actually taught myself to crochet, something I've been meaning to do forever! Am I good at it? Ehhh… maybe ask me again in a month.

I have also started being more active with my Etsy Shop. I am so excited to bring you more things I love to my little shop. I recently finished a growth chart for Miss Emma and am also selling them made to order at Poppie Darling.

Speaking of Miss Emma… she'll be 3 months old on Sunday! Gahhh! Where does the time go?! She is becoming more and more aware all the time and adding more sounds to her "vocabulary." Right now she's got holding her knees down pretty good! She is working towards getting ahold of those feet and  toesies!! It is so cute. She is also working on her laugh… she will go "ah-ha" but hasn't really giggled yet. She can sit in her Bumbo chair which she's finally chunked up a little so she can actually fit in it. She can hold things and bring them to her mouth which is one of my favorites! She already has a favorite little stuffed toy… her froggy. She just loves to cuddle it and gum it and can hold it pretty well. She also loves her froggy touching her face while she sleeps in her rocking glider. So cute! Guys, obviously I am so in love with my little babe! She still loves to stand while obviously being assisted by mama or dada.  

Sorry about the blurry-ish picture, I took it while she was in her rocker.

And have we not established yet how PROUD I am of our SEAHAWKS! I cannot believe we're going to the Superbowl again! Except, I can believe it! I just had a feeling that they would pull through in the end. It was a crazy intense game if you missed it, or if you're not a big football fan. There is just something special about being a "12", it's hard to explain, and I can't obviously compare it to being a fan for any other team out there, so maybe you feel the same for your team too. WE just LOVE our team here in the Northwest. It's a family. It's the camaraderie with strangers in the stadium, people you don't even know, but you're all family in this special way and hug each other and high five, you're bonded by this team. We love each other and we love our team. So many years our team was lagging and didn't win many games, but we were still fans, still there because we knew. So, to see them go so far is almost like giving birth. lol. It's amazing.

Have a great weekend!

xoxo- K

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy New Year!

Wow! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

My New Year's Eve was spent in bed with my hubby going in and out of sleep while we waited for the ball to drop. We exchanged some sweet words and kissed and fell asleep... C'est la vie of new parents!

I can't believe I haven't written since November, yet it feels like that was just a couple weeks ago. Seriously, time flies with a newborn in the house! And soon she will no longer be a newborn! Boo!

I'm already missing those newborn snuggles that I got to take advantage of for hours with a little sleepy head. She's getting less snuggly these days as she's constantly absorbing the world around her. She loves being held up so she can stand on her little legs. She's staying awake for longer periods of time now too and her napping has been less consistent which makes for long days sometimes... Long days that go by so fast still somehow. Emma Claire is starting to grab at things and loves holding our hands, especially to fall asleep. She loves smiling and talking too. She still has her cranky times every day but I feel like I'm getting a handle on dealing with them in a better way and not getting so frustrated. She luckily sleeps through most of the night for me, thank goodness! I was a zombie waking up every 2-3 hours when she was a brand new baby. She sleeps about 10-7 sometimes, sometimes it's 12-5, either way I'm getting some more consistent sleep. I do breastfeed her pretty much exclusively. We give her formula to use as a vehicle to give her probiotics in. So maybe once a day, just a small amount, 2 ounces or less. Breastfeeding is hard work and it was nothing like I dreamed. We use a nipple shield for most feedings and are working more and more on going without it, now that she's grown some, her latching has gotten better. She couldn't latch without the shield at all really when she was born... So that's a big step for us.

Mamahood is seriously crazy. When I said time flies, I meant it. All the sudden my days are gone and it's time for bed and I couldn't so much as empty the dishwasher. That's not everyday but a lot of them I wonder where the time goes.

It's seriously deliriously wonderful listening to Emma "talk" and she even talks back to me with her coos and gurgles and goos. It's the sweetest sound to me. 

This week I started back at the gym after being on hiatus for like 10 months! Then having an unplanned csection, I wasn't really able to get back until now which was jointly decided by me and my ob. I'm happy to say that my incision hasn't bothered me at all since working out more vigerously. Which less than a month ago I did a 5k (walking) and it bugged me pretty bad afterwards. My lower abs on the other hand no longer exist. At. All. Planking is soooo hard! So this week I decided on 3 days, next week I might try 4 if I can fit it in with Emma's feeding schedule. That's the hardest part... I can leave her in gym childcare which is awesome, but not awesome if I can't get her fed at just the right time so she isn't super fussy while I'm gone. Luckily my mom is able to come over and watch her to help me out, plus she just loves Emma to death so wants to see her as much as possible.

I have been a member of this local Facebook moms group who all had babies this fall and it has been my saving grace at times. I don't know what I'd do without this group to support me. Because sometimes your husband just doesn't get it, like why you can't help but cry at the tiniest things, or can't help you find the answers and it's nice to have ladies that are going through the exact same things as you right now. Seriously I feel so lucky to be a part of that group of women. They're all so strong and supportive, and so far, leave the negative bullshit at the door. 

I've started getting back into my etsy shop again and am now selling some baby accessories... The cutest headwraps like this one on Emma :)

My big 2 1/2 month old! She's just getting to about 11lbs now, she's pretty petite but also long- compared to the other babies around her in the baby group. She's 50th percentile in everything... Which is just fine with me! 

Well this mama needs to finish her beer and hit the hay, goodnight!

xo- K

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My pregnancy adventure

Pregnancy for me was pretty amazing.

Yes, I did have morning (all-day) sickness in the beginning until about week 11, where it subsided for the most part and then subsided completely after week 14, but you know what… 

I never felt more comfortable or beautiful in my own skin.

It was a whole new fabulous experience, granted I had been hoping and feeling ready to start a family for 5 years and so when we finally hit that point of being ready, I couldn't believe that it had finally happened!

I had some pretty typical symptoms and aversions…

I couldn't handle my beloved, coffee super early on until about week 14 or so when it started to taste normal again.

I could smell cleaner and other random things from distances far, far away.

I was tired and irritable and swore at inanimate objects.

I felt lonely, mostly because I wanted to wait to tell most people until we hit the second trimester, but keeping a secret like that is super hard because it's all that consumes your thoughts. This did not of course stop my husband from telling everyone when I was only about 6 weeks pregnant! I kind of think it's really sweet he was so excited to tell everyone, but still.

I felt pretty good, awesome actually, in the second trimester. I felt good until about 33 weeks when I started to swell and that kind of sucked. I couldn't wear my rings anymore, I know that's typical, but it just felt funny. The third trimester was harder, especially as it got closer and closer to my due date. The weekend that I was 37 or 38 weeks pregnant I went away for a night for a bachelorette party with friends and that is when I experienced the dreaded kankles. Oh MY! it was horrific and embarrassing, but what do you do? Obviously I had a baby cooking and that was why. Sleep was hard, as it should be carrying around a big belly and having to get up multiple times a night to pee. I also didn't get any stretch marks until way late in pregnancy, I feel pretty lucky that they're not super bad, but still they're quite obvious and I'm a little self-conscious of my postpartum body and having my hubs see them as everything is getting back to where it thinks it should go.

Pregnancy was an adventure and I do miss that belly. I am not sure if we will have more kids, I think we always planned on two and then we'll see. Obviously right now with a 3 and a half week old baby, that is not on my mind. But it is funny how you start to forget how hard things were in labor and that you would totally go through that again for another amazing little human being.