Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fears and Workout Clothes

I thought i'd talk about some of my fears today. And honestly I know some are probably irrational fears.

Take this one...

Wearing tank tops to the gym

Exhibit A

I feel so vulnerable wearing a tank like this. I never take off my jacket at the gym when I do wear tanks usually. But tonight I got too hot and sweaty and I had to take. It. Off! Just the hoody that is ;)

I just think I kinda look like a linebacker and I have super ugly underarms and I can only shave them about once a week because they are so sensitive and otherwise I'd have bloody pits. Tmi. Luckily my hair doesn't grow that fast!

Anyway I love love love this tank. Olive juice most of the tanks and shirts in the old navy active line and then I buy them and I want to wear them and I'm so not comfortable showing my arms and my skin pooching out from my sports bra. But I did it tonight, I gotta get over it.

And I promise you I will not wear my tank if my pits are lookin like chewbacka status. I'm not that kinda girl.

So onto my fave workout clothes... And not spending an arm and a leg on them...

I always, always check out the target clearance section for workout clothes and at my target they combine the pajama and workout clearance racks together... Any who i may not find something every time I look, but I cannot bring myself to spend more than 20 on a pair of pants I'm going to sweat my ass off in. That said I don't just buy any old kind. They also have to be compression or have a really good hold-me-in waistband. Yoga pants are usually just not supportive enough for what I do at the gym. They are supportive enough for yoga ;)

My other spot is obviously old navy. And I always peruse their clearance rack too for workout clothes. I also am willing to drop my dollars for the full price there too since usually it's on sale anyway.

For my larger chested ladies... Like moi, old navy finally came out with a more supportive sports bra for girls like us! I'm pretty happy with these and they were an awesome price! They also don't put too much stress on the neck and upper back because they have a bra-type straw and then a cris-cross strap rather than a racerback- which is great and one of the hardest things with having larger boobs- I can no longer wear a racerback bra comfortably because they put too much stress on the low neck/upper back area. Sucks getting old. With boobs. 

I love old navy's compression capris. They smooth you and hold you in pretty well without giving you a muffin. Plus I can wear undies and they don't show through terribly. Love them! And they just brought them out in fun colors too!  I'm sticking to black for now until I squelch my other irrational fear of wearing workout pants any other color than black ;)

I'm only slightly kidding.

I sound like an ad for old navy.

All I am trying to say is that if you think you can't go to the gym because you can't afford expensive workout clothes, I'm telling you there are good less expensive alternatives out there. Don't let your clothing or lack of be an excuse.

The shoes I wear to the gym are 25 dollar vegan saucony classics I got on Amazon because I'm cheap and can't bring myself to buy something pricey when I know I'm going to go through them pretty fast no matter what price point they are.

Well I hope you are feeling inspired to get out there and push yourselves! 
Push past your (sometimes irrational) fears.

Much love!
xx k


  1. you look great! I've never been afraid to wear certain things to the gym because I just have a whatever I don't give a fuck attitude (which I think makes me look too tough and snotty at times) and I applaud you for baring your arms! You look great, so don't worry! I think I also just don't care because homegirl gets so hot when she works out so sleeves are not my friend. I need air on my body at all times.

  2. I am just joining the gym again after many years! ( I usually work out at home) And I obsessed about what to wear!! lol So silly... I love workout clothes though...and have a bunch. Now I need to put them to use!! ;) I find most of mine at TJ Maxx and Ross.
    Happy almost weekend to you friend!


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