Monday, June 30, 2014

My day, Monday.

Monday is my day.

I'm fortunate to work Tuesday-Saturday, so that leaves me one weekend day off, Sunday- for my man and me and sometimes family and Monday- that's just for me. I also refer to it as my wife day. I try to do all my "wifely things" on Monday too.

My T goes to work early early, like before 5 am, early! So I get most of Monday to myself, somedays I do sleep in a little, but there's something deliciously lovely about a quiet house on a Monday morning.

So lately, I can't get to back to sleep after he's left for work anyway, I try, but the baby moves in my tummy and then the phone usually comes out as I lay there and finally decide to get up around 6am or so to start my Monday rituals.

Monday usually begins with me driving to starbucks to get a breakfast sandwich because I'm starving at this point and haven't done my grocery shopping for the week yet. I get my favorite brewed pike place coffee with white mocha (I know, super healthy!), I let myself have that little treat most every monday, it's just a little thing that makes me happy, so I don't feel bad about it.

Monday is always filled with a big to-do list for me...

Clean the house...
Vacuum, mop, catch up on dishes and clean off surfaces that get cluttered over the week. Change or wash the sheets. And laundry. Time to catch up with it all.

Work on the nursery a little.

Return things that didn't work to target or wherever.

Grocery shop for the week.

If I'm lucky I'll have time to stop at goodwill to see what they have for cute or vintage baby clothes and always check out the furniture and mirrors and art to see if there's anything worth bringing home (it's usually already picked over).

If I'm really lucky, I schedule a massage early in the day (like today, yay!) or right before T comes home for work.

I have lots going on these days, I feel like I can never get all I want done on my to-do list, but I try. 

Today includes getting my new license with my married name and working on the garden too since our annual 4th of July party is this week too.

Then I try to work on some Poppie Darling shop items, but I'm sad to say it's not on the top of my priorities list lately with all we have going on. Hopefully after the baby arrives and we get into a groove, I will figure out a schedule that works to dedicate more time to my beloved etsy shop ;)

Lots to do.

when it's time for dinner. I do try and have something ready for us when the hubs gets home from work, a lot of times I have something yummy in the crockpot so I don't have to think too much about it since my day is already busy enough. but nice days like these, I like to barbecue on our traeger grill, but not too much prep is required for that either, thankfully.

I like having my day. 

My wife day. My me day. My Monday.

Do you have a special day that may be full, but feels like a day just for you?

Happy Monday!



  1. At first I thought Troy was in the background of that photo. Then I realized it was your wedding photo.

  2. Having a day like that is nice! Nice to feel like your ahead when then week starts!

  3. Sounds like you have a busy week!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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