Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wives Tales, the Weekend and a 22 Weeks Update

Now that we know it's a girl (!!)

I thought it would be fun to bring light to some of the funny wives tales about pregnancy with a girlie.

But first, a little bumpdate picture...

22 weeks! 
The belly is definitely looking large and in charge in this picture!

Deets on my pregnancy wear...
Old Navy turquoise maternity top
H&M navy maternity shorts
Sam Edalman sandals (my wedding sandals!)

I can't believe I am just over a month away from the third trimester! Gahhh!

In the beginning of pregnancy (at least for me) it seemed to be progressing soooo slowwww. Partly because I had kept it a secret from most people for so long and that felt very lonely. But I don't regret not making it public until after 14 weeks. Around 17-18 weeks pregnant is when I really started to feel like things were speeding up. And now that I'm a little more than half way through, it feels super speedy! Plus now I'm finally feeling her move in there! 

So on to the funny pregnancy myths about having a girl...

Craving fruit- true for me

NOT craving meat, especially steak- true!

Carrying high (if it's a girl)- false! I'm still carrying relatively low.

Stealing mamas beauty- true! I've been breaking out like crazy which is apparently a tell-tale sign you're having a girl.

Chinese calendar predicted girl with all 3 of my potential due dates- true!

So far...

Stretch marks... None since I've been pregnant, just old ones from when I gained weight a little too fast in my early twenties :(

Baby movement... Yes! Finally! I was sitting on the couch Monday evening and I saw some rolling on the outside of my tummy! I have been feeling her intermittently when I lay down on my back at night for about a week and a half. It's so cool!

Names... No for sure first name yet. Her middle name will be Claire, after T's mama's middle name ;) she will have the same middle name ("fake name" as she calls it) as her cousin too, so I hope they have a special bond.

Weight gain... I'm up about 11 pounds now! Some of that I'm sure is from how much I indulged over the weekend! 

Exercise... Just my everyday, I walk around and stand all day at work which leaves my feet pretty tired and sore. I do garden work and walk a lot, that's about it! I want to start lifting some hand weights as my arms have gotten soft and I need to build up the strength to hold a baby all day ;) I need to get back into a good routine of doing squats and leg exercises. I've been really lax with working out since about 9 weeks pregnant. Before that I was hitting the gym 5-days a week! Things just didn't feel comfortable to me so I stopped because I felt frustrated and didn't know what to do. I still would like to try water aerobics or just swimming at the gym. At the end of the day though, I just feel so tired after standing all day, I need to just not stop and go straight to the gym with my swimsuit! Lol (we'll see)


I went to visit my bestie, Brittan in Idaho this past weekend, it was a long drive, but it was so fun to hang out with her, just the two of us. 

We had fun enjoying (and not enjoying) the heat. Eating some delicious food, especially those fries with gargonzola dipping sauce!! Yum! Shopping for her home, and my ever expanding belly... and just laughing together. Plus her golden doodle, Floyd, absolutely loved me and was very curious about what I've got cooking ;) lol 

We also attended The Farm Chicks antique show in Spokane on Saturday! Wow, it was a sight for the senses, so much stuff and ideas of things to add to our homes! 

I came away with my souvenir mug...
Perfect for how I think of my daughter-to-be and a good momento of my fun weekend away.

And these... Sly little boots! I can't wait to wear!

It's awesome to be friends with someone since freshman year of high school and still be able to connect today as grown women! I heart her and cherish our lasting friendship! We've had our ups and downs as we were turning into young adults, but it's nice to know we can still count on each other for anything! Plus her family treats me like one of their own which makes me feel so special...Tear!

I took this on my drive home Sunday... Such a beautiful view of the Columbia River.

Don't mind the bugs on my windshield!

My sister-in-love has started planning my baby shower and I've decided it's going to be flamingo themed ;) I'm so excited!

I found this adorable onesie at Target...

I've even found invitations that with a little tweaking would be cute...

I mean, how could you resist? Lol

I might be a little more crazy than normal. But I embrace it!

Have a great week!

xoxo- K


  1. Oh my goodness friend! Where the heck have I been! It is a girl!!!??!?! Congrats to you on this sweet sweet blessing! And you look fantastic! I too craved sweet things with my girls and I had the worst morning sickness with them! Wishing you joy in the is the best one ever!!! Nicole xoxo


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